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What brought you to Aave? Where do you come from?

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  • What brought you to Aave? Where do you come from?


    We are building a strong community that can activiIy participate in the development of our products providing us with interesting feedback and insights of what their current needs are and what they expect from our services. Im super happy to see people registering and to notice Aave's forum starting to take off.

    I will start with myself. What brought me to Aave is my passion for social inclusion and my curiosity for emerging technologies. I see the great opportunity in adoptiong emerging technologies to empower people by creating new products and services to better serve them, Im super excited to be part of Aave and contribute in the amazing things we are developing.. I was born and raised in El Salvador and love to travel and know other contries and cultures.

    Looking forward to reading all your responses!
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